Meet our Photographer Noémie

Black and white photo of a beautiful female silhouette by ESCORT worxz

Meet Noémie

A photographer whose work transcends traditional imagery to capture the true spirit of her subjects. With a focus on authenticity and a flair for storytelling, Noémie’s photographs are as much about the emotion they evoke as the stories they tell. In this interview, we’ll uncover the philosophies behind her captivating work, discuss her naturalistic style, and learn how she maintains the integrity of her art in an ever-digitalizing world. Join us for a glimpse into the creative heart of Noémie’s photography.

How did you get started in photography, and what drew you specifically to photography?

I began my journey in photography while studying audiovisual arts, attracted by how a single image could capture a moment’s soul, something I found fascinating. I’ve always had a knack for creativity and a love for things that evoke sensuality and artistry—photography lets me bring all of that together.

What excites me most is the way this art form lets me dive into someone’s true spirit and express it visually. It’s more than taking pictures; it’s about storytelling and celebrating someone’s unique character. This blend of creative expression and personal connection keeps me inspired and passionate about photography.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photography style is naturalistic and genuine. I gravitate towards using natural light because it brings out the authenticity of the subject and the environment. To capture this, it’s crucial that the people I photograph feel entirely relaxed and at ease. The atmosphere I create during my shoots is laid-back, enjoyable, and liberated, allowing for a spontaneous and true-to-life portrayal.

Visually, I strive to blend sensuality and a touch of daring with sophistication and grace. I aim for a balance that entices the viewer while maintaining an air of class. Above all, my approach is to develop a visual language that truthfully represents the individuality of the subject and their personal brand. It’s about creating images that resonate with who they truly are and what they stand for.

Photography is intimate by nature. How do you create a comfortable environment for your clients?

Photography, especially capturing personal and intimate moments, requires a space where clients feel entirely at ease. Being a woman, many of my female clients appreciate the relatability and understanding that comes with that shared aspect of our identities. It sets a tone of mutual respect and comfort right from the beginning, offering a different dynamic than they might find with a male photographer. While male photographers bring their strengths to the table, in my experience, women often feel more relaxed in the presence of another woman for shoots that can be quite personal.

Beyond this, I emphasize creating a casual and unhurried atmosphere. Before we even start shooting, I dedicate time just to talk and connect, allowing us both to get comfortable with each other. This conversation helps to dissolve the barriers of a formal client-photographer relationship, paving the way for a session that feels more like a shared, creative endeavour rather than a structured photoshoot. After the shoot, I make sure to have a debriefing session, allowing us to reflect on the experience. This comprehensive approach ensures the shoot feels safe, enjoyable, and truly expressive for everyone involved.

Are there memorable experiences or transformative moments in your career that stand out?

In my career, it’s not a single moment that stands out but rather the collective experiences I’ve had with the remarkable women I’ve photographed. Each one of them brings a unique story and background and a personal reason for their presence in the industry. The process of delving into their lives, sharing a moment of creative connection, and then witnessing their joy upon seeing the final results—these are the moments that fuel my passion for what I do.

Certainly, there have been highlights like magazine publications and the incredible opportunity to shoot for my favorite lingerie brand. These achievements are rewarding and affirming in their own right. However, it’s the deeper, more personal victories—the ‘small’ yet profound moments of connection and empowerment with these women—that resonate with me the most. They are the heart of my work and the reason I continue to be so dedicated to my craft.

Are there particular equipment or tools that are indispensable for your work?

Sure, I know my way around cameras and gear, but I’m not one to get caught up in all the technical stuff. I like to keep it simple and not fuss with extra lights. I get that they can be useful, and I’ve seen some photographers do wonders with them, but they’re just not my thing. I’d rather work with the light that’s already there. It keeps the shoot real and lets us go with the flow, which is how I like it. We just use what the moment gives us, and often, that’s when the magic happens.

How do you approach post-processing and editing to ensure the images remain authentic?

My approach to post-processing is quite deliberate; I view it as a crucial step in the photographic process, despite not being particularly technical when shooting. This stage is where my artistic background really comes into play. Just like with painting and drawing, I believe editing can profoundly enhance an image.

Editing for me is about refinement, not overhaul. It’s not about heavy-handed Photoshop work. Instead, it’s the subtle art of elevating a photo while maintaining its original spirit and authenticity. In this industry, it’s vital to produce images and videos that are true to life. Authenticity is key because it’s all about trust—clients need to recognize themselves in their photos. Over-editing can break that trust, as the goal is for clients to look like themselves, not like a heavily altered version. So, I use editing to polish and perfect, never to disguise or misrepresent.

Photography has evolved over the years. How do you keep up with industry trends while staying true to your style?

I have extensive experience in the industry, which has allowed me to keep up-to-date with its evolving trends. My background gives me a deep understanding of what both clients and workers are looking for: high-quality, reliable, respectful images that convey the right message without being inappropriate. I ensure my work remains elegant and add a touch of creativity to set it apart.

Recently, videography has become more popular, and I’ve incorporated it into my offerings. While selfies are trendy, they don’t replace the polished look of a professional shoot. I believe in combining traditional photography, innovative videography, and the personal touch of selfies to deliver the best results.

How do you think the perception of photography has changed in society?

High-quality phone cameras and editing apps have made it easier for everyone to take great photos. But there’s more to professional photography than just a good camera. Professionals bring a unique set of experiences, a creative vision, and an eye for capturing moments that stand out. While it’s easy to overlook this in the digital age, many still recognize and value the expertise and distinct quality that come with a professional photoshoot.

What’s next for you? Are there any upcoming projects or directions you’re excited about?

I’m the proud founder of ProvocaChic Studios, a creative branding agency that I started not too long ago. We offer a range of services including photography, videography, as well as comprehensive web and graphic design solutions. Our brand essence at ProvocaChic is about finding the delicate balance between sensuality and sophistication, weaving in elements of provocation with a touch of class.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to flex my creative muscles every day and to work alongside the remarkably talented team at ESCORT worxz. Their dedication and artistry contribute immensely to our success. Looking ahead, I am enthusiastic about the possibility of also taking my photographic work beyond the current scope of our industry, and I’m keen to dive into more personal projects that have been on my horizon next to my work at ProvocaChic Studios.

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